How to reach out to us. wants to make sure you are confident about doing business with us or by using our site. That is why we have put forth all the e-mails below, to help you reach out to the best team for the type of question you have. We even have available an online live chat agent during regular business hours. If you prefer traditional channels we have a snail mail address also available.

It would be greatly appriciated that you use the appropriate channel for your requests as it would greatly speed up the reply process.

The searching e-mail is used if you are looking for something you would like to buy but are not finding it on our site or throught our affiliates send your request using this e-mail or using the form we have created for you. These e-mails are our top priority as we aim to serve you in a fast and profesional manner.



We have created this e-mail form so you can participae your ideas so we can build a better site. If you have feature ideas you would like to see please forward it to us so we analyse the need and see if it would be possible to implement it on out site.

Reachout your ideas

We have created a jobs page so you can see postings for job openings and you can apply using the for created to apply, you also will be able to send your resume and comment on your work experiences. Since the internet is sometimes self learned we dont require previous work experience except for certain jobs.


The brick & mortar pages are a showcase to our real stores. You will find what we do and will also be able to place order online and all from the comfort of your own home. These store are where we started it all.

Brick & Mortar

The comment form is created to helps us understand what you like or dont like about our store or our affiliates. The data collected helps us making better choices so we can keep our site the best possible. We value all inputs good or bad as they greatly help us.



This form must be used for all other inquiries that do not fit into the above categories.



The advertise with us page is used if you are looking to benefit from our site traffic in the conventional way of advertising. By paying a small monthly fee you can join our advertisers. Click link to find out add size placement and prices.

Advertise with us


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